About me

I´ve worked with Concept Development, Digital Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design and User Experience for 24+ years. Starting in the advertising-world, as an Art Director, where I have worked with both national and international customers in the BtC and BtB world, online and offline.

The digital industry, has been in my focus for the last 10+ years where I have worked with lots of great brands. Using my Design-, communication- , UX- and Sketching-skills. Ideating, conceptualising and producing websites, apps and campaigns.

At client site 🙂

I’m curious by nature and the years of ideating and designing has helped me, not just to be fast, but to generate content and visuals that makes a difference for my clients and keeps me striving for more …

Magnus 🙂

My professional experience ranges from Retail to the medical industry and fast consumer goods, where activation has been one of the key areas within the years of working with advertising and communication.

I´m a focused concept developer with a sharp eye on design and have a skilled expertise in small details and a determined focus on new medias and innovative ideas, bringing the user/viewer closer to the brand.

I use my pen every time I have a meeting, sketching up the ideas coming to the table .. if it’s the storytelling of a campaign-site or the user experience on a challenging order-flow. The pen is the solution to start the communication.