Creative People

Where the magic happens:

Through the years of working with brands around the world, I have experienced a greater demand for unfolding our expertise as multi artists and creative people. 

Always with a sharp focus on the concept, content creation, and very important, the understanding of the digital landscape.

When conceptualising:

When working closely with my super skilled colleagues and clients in a small dedicated team, you generate this amazing energy and intensity.

All the way from brief, through ideation – sketching – testing – designing – testing again –  to folding it out on all relevant platforms in close collaboration with the business, Back- and Front End.

Whether it´s taking a concept and ideate on it with the client or with a FrontEnder to verify and further develop the ideas.

I love, when deep diving into a project, that we have all these super passionated and skilled people around us.

I have my responsibilities as a visual and conceptual designer to deliver my part, such as the right typography, a colour palette that suits the purpose, a user interface that hits it and a concept that can grow with the strategy we have worked out.

I´m super proud of working with all these great clients, and I feel really comfortable, delivering from start to launch and further growing our clients brands with a market that moves and changes fast. Keeping all the basics clean and stable while working on improvements and game changing concepts on the way ….

I just love it.