Jewellery at your fingertip

I admire the skills and craftsmanship of the family behind this brand. Working with their digital journey all the way from the user experience, sketching up ideas and embracing more than half a century of unique design and craftsmanship. Three generations working together lifting the heritage of the goldsmith world.

Designing pages on thought user journeys, deep diving into product catalogues, shelves with ideas and creative sketches from the jewellery designers

Prototyping and designing before starting the Front end development of the specific pages and modules.


Book time for an appointment at your local dentist

Seeing to that patients are feeling welcome, wether its for issues with root canals, whitening a chipped tooth, toothache or just a checkup.

In close collaboration with the client we see to that the websites, the SoMe channels, printet material and all other marketing areas is covered. Focusing on constant optimising the marketing on Facebook and Instagram with relevant campaigns.

Using the Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro as a model for the summer campaign
A great photoshoot with a fantastic model.

A colourful new identity

Working on creating a new significant identity supporting the people in the team of the Innovation Lab. The brief was to design a new visual identity, generate material for print such as brochures, posters, banners and handouts. To tell the story on how the team is working and collaborating we designed a website with a storyline mixed with icons, illustrations and a user interface that gave the best experience to the users.

A new identity to generate awareness inhouse was created. A new website, printet material and screens was designed. Sketching and illustrating was used as visuals. New logo, new colours and a full package of illustrations was added to the work done.


Creating a new identity

DryDawn – a new universe came to life.

The patient resource-centre is build up in decks, telling the story in a visual clear and appealing way using bright colours and low detailed illustrations. The use of bright colours, parallax moving objects is set to make the users feel good when researching the site, reading about nocturnal bedwetting causes.

Working on a name that could embrace the resource-center, designing a suitable universe with logo, typography, colours and characters that targetted the main users.

The flow and IA was extremely important, to tell the story having both the children, the parents and HCP in mind when generating the complete design.


Specialised in pharma engineering

The task was to tell a complex story with the use of icons, animations, a simple user interface and new updated identity.
From research, workshops, design to final delivery.


The Online Flagship Store

“The concept that we embraced and unfolded was ‘Get closer’. To the product. To the material. To a certain color palette. To the designer. To selecting an item. With customers that research online, but in majority purchase offline, the closest by we could get them was through big images, big videos. It was just a matter of unlocking the wealth of content Fritz Hansen already had, through both their website as well as their social platforms.”

Art Director Magnus Thorbøll Ørum-Hansen

High end Luxury Brands: Full blown global launch promoting the new Physical and digital flagship store.

Concept development, content colaboration & design Workshops with Marketing & IT, delivering tools to lift brand through a clear strategy, Sketching, Ideating, designing and prototyping

Example of UX-Sketches, desktop- and mobile view on product page
Creative People

Where the magic happens:

Through the years of working with brands around the world, I have experienced a greater demand for unfolding our expertise as multi artists and creative people. 

Always with a sharp focus on the concept, content creation, and very important, the understanding of the digital landscape.

When conceptualising:

When working closely with my super skilled colleagues and clients in a small dedicated team, you generate this amazing energy and intensity.

All the way from brief, through ideation – sketching – testing – designing – testing again –  to folding it out on all relevant platforms in close collaboration with the business, Back- and Front End.

Whether it´s taking a concept and ideate on it with the client or with a FrontEnder to verify and further develop the ideas.

I love, when deep diving into a project, that we have all these super passionated and skilled people around us.

I have my responsibilities as a visual and conceptual designer to deliver my part, such as the right typography, a colour palette that suits the purpose, a user interface that hits it and a concept that can grow with the strategy we have worked out.

I´m super proud of working with all these great clients, and I feel really comfortable, delivering from start to launch and further growing our clients brands with a market that moves and changes fast. Keeping all the basics clean and stable while working on improvements and game changing concepts on the way ….

I just love it.